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Do you want to publish a book? Let us help you.

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United Dreamworks Book Publishers
We Publish Your Book | You Live The Dream

An organisation dedicated to help Writers and Authors bring their Ideas to life.

How can we help you?

We provide end-to-end services for publishing your book. 

Direct assisted
Book Publishing 

We offer

Guided book publishing,

Self publishing and

Digital publishing services, giving you an opportunity to

reach a wider audience & help you make your writing more accessible for the

 readers worldwide.

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Book Publishing 

We provide an

all-in-one service to assist authors from concept to completion and beyond:

  • Ideation

  • Creation

  • Production

  • Promotion

  • Marketing

  • Sales

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Transparent Book Publishing Process

With our publishing plans and impeccable distribution services, our authors receive 100% sales profit and royalty. We maintain a great partnership with our authors by displaying complete transparency at every step. 

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Why choose us?

Our book publishing services are designed to make your publishing process as simplified and hassle-free as possible. Our team of dedicated experts provide full support and guidance throughout the entire process, while our authors have complete control of the publishing process. With our high quality products and exceptionally convenient customer service, our authors can be rest assured that their labour of hard work, their Book will be published with the utmost first-rate standards.

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Affordable Book Publishing

With our team of experienced and passionate professionals, we can help you make your dream of having your work published in the form of a book come true in the most affordable manner. We can work with any budget that you may have. You can opt for any of our predesigned plans or get a customised plan or choose a few services and pay per service. From your tightest budget to your most extravagant budgeted publishing dream, we do it all!

uniteddreamworks book publishers
Our top priority:
Quality of content

We take immense pride in being a book publishing organisation that values and takes quality of content very seriously. We have a rigorous process of screening manuscripts before you can create your dream book and present it to the world. We just don't take your work and print it into a book. We turn your labor of hard work in a book that has content which would be at par with leading writers and authors of the world. Our professionals give that much needed edge to your written work.

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Flexible services and Publishing Plans

You can opt for our services based on your requirements and budget. You can hire us for full end-to-end publishing plan, selected services, tailor-made publishing plan, predesigned publishing plan, promotion and marketing only plan or anything that you need for your book. Our goal stays to get your book published, while we keep a flexible approach to get that done in the most efficient manner possible.

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